Twaitter's New Recurring Tweet Limits: Can the System Be Gamed?
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Twaitter's New Recurring Tweet Limits: Can the System Be Gamed?

Twaitter has introduced some constricting limits on recurring Tweets.

Although the amorphous world of Twitter appears even more purposeless and shallow than that of the Facebook social network, it has rapidly grown into one of the largest sites in the world. Despite the fact that Twitter's sole function is exactly the same as Facebook's "Status" option, even businesses today use the simple website to advertise products, sales, coupons, and their companies in general. But, the biggest bonanza of all is for businesses whose operation is primarily online.

The traffic building capabilities of Twitter are enormous. In the period from March of 2010 to January 2011, this writer used a variety of traffic building methods including Twitter to cultivate a total of over 1.5 million page views on this site. As a previous article indicates, the Twaitter engine is extremely helpful in automating the Twitter posting process; this is absolutely vital for those with a great deal of content they wish to promote. Before I found Twaitter, I was manually submitting links to Twitter, and this began to take more than 30 minutes per day when I had amassed 50 articles.

Twaitter's recurring Tweets are an extremely popular feature. This allows you to create a post, then "fire and forget" while the post recycles for infinity--or as long as you want. For the purpose of generating maximum page views, I outlined a method of cycling a link through Twitter three times per day (by dividing the day into three repeating parts). Although Twaitter's technical capacity was unlimited at that time, the best results were achieved by limiting posting to once per minute, thus making Twaitter's technical maximum capacity 480 links or articles per day.

Since Twaitter introduced the recurring Tweets system, the Twaitter resource has had a tendency to go down. The popularity of the recurring theme prompted thousands of users with a high quantity of posts to load up recurring Twaits. Twaitter's capacity was incapable of handling such a high demand. To resolve the issue, Twaitter recently instituted a limit of ten recurring Tweets per hour. This proposal was believed to ease the load on servers not equipped to handle the strain.

With the new limits, "farming" Twaits with reckless abandon is no longer possible. This is, however, not necessarily a bad thing, because the law of diminishing returns is certainly in effect with Twitter: while one posting might yield 30 views per day, three postings (for the same link) may have netted 50, and six from 60-70. This is because Twitter works by novelty, and Tweets that are already present in servers do not have the impact of one that hasn't been broadcast for a period of time.

Bearing this in mind, Twaitter's new limits can be gamed. The limits offer a maximum of 240 links per day with one recurring posting per link instead of three. If this isn't enough for you, then you can create multiple Twitter profiles and promote as many articles as you want. Remembering all the passwords can be a feat of organization, but this method is guaranteed to give you the best return (that is, until too many users think of this loophole and Twaitter has to re-program yet again).

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Comments (6)

Thanks for the news Dustin, I wasn't aware of this. I guess now comes the huge task of looking through all of my schedule and figuring out where I need to change tweets.

When I saw the news, I wondered who on earth would want to send that many. It seems a lot of work for, as you say, diminishing returns. I started out setting tweets to run indefinitely. Now I just set them to run about a week. I'd hate to keep track of 240 a day! But I'm sure glad you called my attention to Twaitter in the first place.

Interesting. Thanks for this information and giving us a peek at one of your secrets to success! Voted.

Thanks for this Dustin; I noticed this about 2 days ago when many of my automated Tweets "jammed up" and stopped sending.

Whoa! very interesting. I'm going to check out your other article too.

Thank you Dustin, stumbled/tweeted/buzz