The Best Way To Succeed In Internet Marketing
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The Best Way To Succeed In Internet Marketing

This article explains the best way or ways to succeed in internet marketing.

This article is about the best way to succeed in internet marketing, although in my experience, there isn't one way, there are many ways, and you need to constantly alter your approach based on what is working at the time. 

Internet marketing is a broad term, and might even encompass blogging with Adsense ads on the page. Some people try to sell affiliate products from Clickbank or Amazon, or they may have their own product or service to sell. 

What it comes down to is trying to get something in front of people that they want to buy, click on, or sign up for. This means getting a lot of traffic, and the more targeted the better. 

Many people say that Google is the best way to do this, although for a beginner, you are competing against literally hundreds of millions of people to try to get on the first page of a popular search. 

Almost everyone with a computer has a blog these days, or at least there's a lot more people that do. The thing about internet marketing is it's always changing, SEO is always changing, social media is changing, pay per click ads and email marketing is changing, so you have to stay ahead of the game at all times. 

How to Succeed In Internet Marketing

Basically, you have to be everywhere at once, or alternatively, make a good return on investment on a large scale on pay per click advertising. 

Given that there is also a lot of competition on Google Adwords and Facebook Ads, you probably need to search for alternative methods of promotion that cost less. 

I believe that social media marketing is the best way to succeed in internet marketing because anybody can get a Twitter account and starting adding followers. 

Anybody can get a Facebook account, Linked In, StumbleUpon, and recently Google Plus. If you know how to steadily increase your social connections on these sites, and how to appeal to the people and get in front of them for free, then you're well on the way to taking over the internet. 

From my own experience, I would put the amount of traffic I have recieved from these sites in this order: Twitter, StumbleUpon, Linked In, Google Plus and lastly Facebook. 

While Facebook does have the largest amount of people on it, it's not really set up for spammy promotion. They want you to buy ads from them. 

Google Plus is new, but you can add 100 suggestions at once with the click of a button. Linked In can generate huge amounts of traffic if you send things to lots of groups that you join. 

StumbleUpon is also really good, although it requires a bit more effort to swap votes up on pages that you share on your toolbar. 

Twitter is just simple, easy, and it works. I get 90% of my traffic from Twitter, and I feel that it is the best of the best of all the internet marketing strategies I have tried. 

You can buy Twitter followers, or you can work at getting them yourself, but in my opinion, you probably need them, or they can be extremely beneficial to have, if your tweets have a widespread appeal. 

So basically that's it. If you're not an SEO expert, then the best way to succeed in internet marketing is social media marketing, there's not really any argument about it. 

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