How to Use Traffic Exchange to Drive Traffic to Your Site
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How to Use Traffic Exchange to Drive Traffic to Your Site

Driving traffic to your site using traffic exchange could be effective if you use some techniques and be an active member of the traffic exchange program. There are several traffic exchange programs available for those who want to use this method to increase traffic to their site. It is hard work but if you know what you are doing, you can become an effective website or blog owner.

Traffic is very important when you have a website or a blog.  It is the traffic you build that will keep your site alive.  If your purpose is to make business using your site then the traffic is very, very important.  The traffic is the number of visitors to your site that the search engine monitors.  Thus, the greater the traffic to your site the better is the standing of your site and the better is the production if you are using your site to promote your business.  This is because the more visits to your site; the probability of the visitors to buy your products becomes higher.  

There are several ways of promoting your site in order to have more traffic.  One of these is by using traffic exchange programs.  Traffic exchange is legitimate but it is not allowed where sites have Google Adsense ads.  Before you join the traffic exchange make sure that your site does not have Google ads because Google remove your Google account.

Using traffic exchanges to drive traffic to your site could be effective but only if you are an active member of different traffic exchanges.  The first thing that you should do is to make a research and find out the legitimate traffic exchanges online.  There are countless traffic exchanges online that you can join but it could be confusing so a little research will help you to settle for the best ones that people are talking about.  It’s easy to find out legitimate or scam sites.  Just type the name of the site and scam and the site will appear.  You can then read about the site if it is scam or not.  Do not just register for any exchange site.  Try to read at least 3 or 4 reviews about the site so that you can compare and learn more about the said site you are joining.

Countless people are using traffic exchange.  Some are only trying.  Some have tried, failed and quit. Some are only experimenting if it is effective and some are really serious about it.  Whatever you intend to do and whether you are a serious online worker or not it is not bad to find out by experimenting.  But as an active traffic exchange member, I would say it works provided you really work on it.

Traffic exchange is a place where you surf ads and click then you are awarded a credit once the timer stops.  The timer may range for 30, 20, 15 or 10 seconds.  Traffic exchange is a legitimate way of building traffic since it is like asking someone to surf your site in exchange for surfing his site.  It is a give and take process and many people will like this especially if they are still starting to create traffic to their site.

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Comments (10)

An interesting concept, Felisa.

I have tried traffic exchange before and it works well. It is just cumbersome to continually visit the sites.

Well done.

Thank you for your wise direction to this helpful traffic builder.

I'd never heard of such a program before. Very informative.

Thanks Felisa,informative.

Thanks Felisa,informative.

As Felisa said, adsense sites will get your account banned. Always check the TOS of a site before you use it. TEs are not allowed for published articles. Knoji will ban you.

Thanks for the information, Felisa.  I had not hear of traffic exchange.  Also, thank you Irene info regarding TE being banned here on Knoji.

Thank you to all of you.  Take note that you cannot promote your knoji articles in traffic exchange.