How to Promote Factoids: My Journey of Traffic Building
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How to Promote Factoids: My Journey of Traffic Building

A brief summary of one very effective tactic for promoting online writing with Twitter.
I've been writing for Factoidz for a couple months now, and I learned some effective and ineffective techniques for promoting articles along the way. Here are some valuable techniques that can help you get your message out there no matter what site you write for, including Factoidz, Associated Content, Triond, or Bukisa. Instead of going into depth on each networking and link-sharing option, I will focus on the site which has given me the most benefit: Twitter.

I tried all the other service links offered on the Factoidz promotion page including StumbleUpon, Digg, Propellor, Delicious, and Reddit. These sites are all fine, but they require a great deal of participation in order to get your name out there. Sites like Digg and Reddit are basically social communities of their own, and it takes time to develop the "karma" to be seen by lots of users. Additionally, some (particularly Propellor and StumbleUpon) discourage you from promoting the same domain more than 10-50 times by banning that domain. This is obviously useless for article promotion if you are promoting from the same site. I got some results from these sites; I probably boosted my total views per article by 20 or so per day, but even this quickly died off.

Twitter had none of these issues. I was leery of using Twitter, because I had my reservations about using social networking. Before the time I first used it, I had written about 20 articles on the Factoidz website. My average views per day were somewhere between 200-300. When I posted my links to Twitter that first time, I got about 300 views in just a couple minutes! I was shocked and naturally thought that it was a joke, but I eventually confirmed that I had Twitter to thank for my success. From that point on, I started getting on Twitter to post my articles every day. I have continued to use the site ever since.

If you post a link of your article on Twitter with an introductory phrase and some hash tags (#twitter #social #networking #internet #google for some examples), users will find your article when they search through recent tweets. You can expect anywhere from 5-20 hits on a link in the few minutes after you post it to Twitter, and then it dies off. For an example of what Twitter can do for you, I have written over 80 articles and get between 1600 and 1800 page views on an average day. I also know that Twitter is responsible for 60-75% of those page views.

When I started to accumulate more articles, I started to realize that if I manually posted to Twitter once or more each day, I would quickly be spending over an hour just posting links. This is unacceptable and unrealistic, so I began searching for a way to automate the process. The tool that I finally found was Twaitter, which is an application designed for Twitter. (Twaitter works exactly the same as SocialOomph, which has been written about by Louie Jerome here: The difference between Twaitter and SocialOomph is that Twaitter is completely free.

The heart of Twaitter is the ability to click on Scheduled Posts and initiate recurring posts. In this section, you type exactly what you want to post into a Twitter window and then schedule it to your preferences. You have the ability to make the application post a link to Twitter every day until....forever! This is called a recurring post, and it is what boosted my page views from 400 to 1600-1800 per day. That's really all there is to it. It took me about two hours to set up all the recurring posts to my articles. You can also set up a post for the same article more than once.

My secret is that I divided the day into three sections (starting at 11:00 AM, 7:00 PM, and 3:00 AM) and set up a recurring post for each of my articles starting at around one of these three times. Also, if you post the same exact Twitter posting within about five posts, the server will reject your post as a duplicate. To prevent this, I started by scheduling one article per each successive minute. Also, your account may appear to be a spam account if you post 20-100 links in the same exact minute. Progressing 11:00, 11:01, 11:02 and so on was my way of spreading out the posts, preventing duplicates, and keeping Twitter from deleting my account (although there is nothing wrong with promoting your business of Factoiding on Twitter, there are certain ways of doing this that Twitter frowns upon).

If you have reached this sentence, you now know all of my promotional secrets as of April 11, 2010! All you have to do now is to sign up for a Twitter account, find the Twaitter application on Google, and then start scheduling some posts! You will boost your views in no time! An added bonus is that you can increase your Twitter followers with each successive post. As of 13APR2010, my dustinlabarge Twitter account has 554 followers and 4 lists following me. Good luck! I will post updates to this article for the benefit of all my readers and fellow writers as I gain new techniques.

****UPDATE: 13APR2010****

Irene Nevins' comment about hash tags convinced me that it would be useful to post up a few of my automatic tweets from This domain is where you can set up automatic tweets. To set up an automatic tweet once you have a Twitter account, simply log into Twaitter as you would Twitter, and then click on Scheduled Messages. You will see a window which looks like the Twitter message box where you post messages. Then, simply add your link and shorten the title if necessary to make room for some hash tags. After that, click on the "schedule" button, click "recurring" instead of "one-time", and click on the "daily" button below. This ensures that your message will be broadcast until the end of time (as long as this service is free, anyway). These tags are what users come across when they are searching through tweets. Here are the tweets I set up for this article as well as a few other random articles so that you can see how this is done:

Recurring daily post @ 4:45 AM, 12:45 PM, and 8:45 PM. You can see the five hash tags and shortened title with the link.

SEO Traffic Building:#seo #factoid #traffic #google #twitter

Recurring daily post @ 4:10 AM, 12:10 PM, and 8:10 PM.

Woodstock: 1969 Music & Art Fair: #woodstock #jimi #hendrix #concert #hippie

Recurring daily post @ 3:12 AM, 11:12 AM, and 7:12 PM.

Healthy Fast Food: Salvage Bad Eating: #salad #fast #food #eat

****UPDATE: 16APR2010****

My Twitter username/handle is dustinlabarge if you would like to add me!


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Comments (46)

Very interesting to see how this works! But don't you have to have specific people to whom you're Twittering in the first place?

Thank you, Dustin. I'm doing this right now. The # kinda marks words for search on Twitter itself?

A tweeting I will go

@Katie No, and that's the beautiful thing about it. You can target your post to specific users (by adding @KatieK, @dustinlabarge, and so forth) but chances are you will just annoy the user if they don't care about it. Plus, you only get 140 spaces to make your post with, and targeting users takes up space. So if you make a tweet like mine I added above, then Twitter users will find your article by searching through tweets (which come up in order of most recent).

@Irene Yes, hash tags mark the post for searching. It's the same as adding tags on an article here, except you don't use commas and you put a #right in #front of the #word.

@Johnny Sweet! Let me know how it goes!

Thanks for the detailed explanations.

Thanks Dustin, It's good to read a how to article that actually tells you how to. Seems like so many articles lately are all fluff and no stuff. I can't wait to give it a try.

If I understand all of this correctly. The great thing about the #tag is that you dont need a lot of followers. Your tweet goes to everyone who is also reading that particular # tag. If I tweet an article about ornamental grass and include #garden #gardening, then everyone following those tags will also see my tweet about my grass article. My concern with automating too many articles on twitter like this is that my followers and those of certain tags will start to ignore my icon, thinking its the same old articles.

Thanks for this! I'm going to start using the scheduling on Twaitter right away!

@Nick Thanks for the compliment! Good luck and please post to tell me and everybody how well it works!

Twitter, Twitley and tweetmeme are fairly awesome.

@Sam You don't really need followers, because the tweet goes to the central engine to be picked up by whoever. My results have stayed about constant since I started using this. What's interesting is that I started out without using hash tags at all, and nothing has really changed since then. I'm giving away my secrets here because it's really in all of our best interests for this site to be as profitable as possible (in the hopes that more profits can be shared with us). Actually, prolific writers like you, Daniel Snyder, Sara Valor, and thestickman have the most to gain from Twitter and Twaitter. I calculate that the average views per day per article with three tweets a day settles at around 20 each or 2,000 per 100 articles, which means you personally would probably be getting an average of 4,000 views a day using Twaitter. Yes, it would be recycling the same links through the system, and that's something I considered myself before starting this. However, the purpose of Twitter is as a promotionary tool, and if users continue to choose to click on my links, I have no problem letting them. It's a free internet, right? Just as people have the right to choose to look at my content, I have the right to post it wherever as long as it isn't violating rules. My Twitter followers have not levelled off or decreased at any point, so I can only conclude that people are not annoyed by my postings. Posting these articles in this manner also complies with the Twitter usage policy, so it's no problem from their point of view. Also, if you continue to post original content (which any active user will), I can't see people ignoring your posts. And if they do, what loss is it really to you? I see this service as a valuable icing on the cake for work that I have already done.

@thestickman Heard.

@Taylor Please let us know what your results are! I'd love to hear about it.

Thanks Dustin Great tips and Info :)

I also use Twitter to promote my articles and it helped my pageviews. Putting "#" is okay but just don't overdo it to avoid spamming. Thanks for sharing your expertise and you may add me "2simplyoj" at Twitter.

Here's my update! I scheduled some of my articles on different sites with Twaitter and on Associated Content my page views tripled overnight, and I also did well on here. So here are the stats: Assoc Content - daily views before Twaitter (400) daily views after Twaitter (1200) Factoidz - daily views before Twaitter (35) daily views after Twaitter (109) I only scheduled some of my artices (I have over 100 on Assoc Content so that would be extremely time consuming) and scheduled it once. I wanted to find out if it would really work before going ahead and scheduling each one three times a day. I am excited with the results and am going to schedule every article I write three times a day and watch those page views explode! Thanks, Dustin - you are awesome for sharing this with us!!

I'm glad it worked so well for you, Taylor! Interestingly, I started to post some articles up on Associated Content, and Twaitter didn't work for me there. Perhaps I messed the link up, but it appears to be working fantastically for you! And AC has a set payscale, too, which means that you are going to get some sweet money for those views... It's my pleasure, and I hope everyone realizes that they can benefit from this service just like Taylor and I are!

I always forget to add the "#" prefix to my twitter tags, but still manage to get sizable numbers. Still, this would be beneficial to do this to at least a few tags..

I almost wonder if plain words run through as tags anyway. My views really don't change much with or without tags. I just do them because I found information on the Twitter website suggesting they helped. I figure it can't hurt, anyway; interestingly, I started out posting bare links and got views for those too (although not as many).

great article with plenty of much needed advice! thanks!!! I am on twitter and will follow your link. Congrats on your many views.

Thank you! I hope that this service helps you promote your writing.

Thanks alot man, i've had a Twitter account but i never thought it could be actually of use to promote articles!

You're welcome! Let us know what it does for you!

this is great if factoidz get more revenue then we might get more to so we should all use this.

Yesterday I wasn't using twaitter and on 5 articles I had 1 hit all day. Today I set up twaitter and on the same 5 articles I'm up to 95 hits. This stuff is gold! Thanks Dustin.

Tried this on all my articles. My views went up spectacular indeed, so much, I gained no earnings from it.

I have tried to use Hoot Suite to automate tweets, but it takes about 20 minutes to set up one day's tweets. I don't know how to find where traffic comes from to my Factoidz, but I haven't gotten heavy traffic from Twitter to Hub Pages or my blogs. I'll have to give Twaitter a try. Thank you very much for posting this. @dmguion

Nick, glad it worked for you! Martine, sorry it didn't work for you! Did you post the complete URL and some keywords? David, glad you enjoyed it! Setting up Twaitter or recurring tweets is time consuming: I have probably spent a grand total of 5 hours fine-tuning the device. It's a good investment of time, however. I have not used Hoot Suit and can make no comparison, but that would be a great article for you!

Christine Zibas

Excellent article! I have been trying to tell my friends about the power of Twitter for a long time!

Hi Dustin, Using your real name on Twitter may have given you the greatest advantage. Your proven track record of excellent articles basically from Factoidz made you socially popular on the internet. Its easier to get attention once you have already have an authority. Though twitter is a no-follow network, the speed of transferring information among followers is amazing. I advice you to get more followers and continue making great writings (as expected). I wish you luck and success on your endeavor and more power!

Thank you, Paul! I definitely am committed to putting out quality content.

Hi Dustin, Thank you very much for sharing your secrets. I will try your tips and get back to you. Excellent article! :)

Wow this works amazingly!!!

A fellow writer and I seem to be having a little trouble with Twaitter, we both set up our scheduled messages but then cant find them on twitter, what are we doing wrong. They are not paused and we hit recurring.

Actually, you're not doing anything wrong. You can see how long I've been doing this, and something is going wrong. There have been days when Twitter went down, and this happens, but this is different. The functionality was slowly getting worse over the past week or so, and over the past two days Twaitter has stopped working entirely. I have no idea why, but it could have something to do with the implementation of this new Gremlin system. If I hear something, I'll post it right here and send it in a message to you.

Creighton, I looked at the Twaitter help forum (just click "help" at the bottom of the Twaitter screen), and it seems that everyone's Twaits stopped working sometime in the P.M. hour yesterday 28AUG. There are lots of angry Twaiters filling up the help forum, so maybe the people that run it will get the message and fix it soon. Until they do, I'm not going to program any more and just focus on writing them. If I hear anything else, I will post it here.

Creighton, this went out over Twaitter overnight: "Hi All, Thanks for your patience while we resolved this issue. We had an unusually high number of messages go through our queues over the last day and one of our queues got stuck and failed to send several messages. We were able to send the messages from 4 hours prior to now (4:00PM CST 8/29/10). Any messages before that will remain unsent and will need to be rescheduled. If you wish to reschedule the messages, please use the 'edit' feature to do so. If your messages are listed as in "quarantine" and are recurring, please click the red triangle to reset the message to be sent at the next scheduled time. We keep the reset process manual as some messages contain timely information that my be irrelevant at the current time. Thanks again for your patience and we hope this has not been too much of an inconvenience. Ryan" Things should be working normally again.

Thanks. I'll check it out

And here I am still trying to find out what just is S.E.O. but I'm learning and I'm learning a lot from you.

Wow! This is really very exciting. I am going to start this right away.

Thanks for this helpful information. I just signed up and will check out the stats tomorrow.

Your knowledge is such a help to me.It was also nice to see a dear sweet, departed friend mentioned here too with her infinite wisdom. I am out of votes so will tweet this in thanks for your sharing.

you are such a darling for explaining and helping other writers. kudos to you, I use twaitter too, and I shall follow you, mine is annapoorneswary if you like...

Thank you for such a detailed informative article. I have learned a lot and now will start to implement your advice!