Freelance Writing: Keys to Success
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Freelance Writing: Keys to Success

Tips for successful freelance writing careers.

Everyone seems to be a writer in this day and age. There are thousands perhaps millions of people wanting to try their hand at freelance writing. The competition is stiff, and the task can seem extremely daunting. New writers often wonder if their work will be seen by anyone other than themselves. Here is some advice to make your path, a little smoother.

Promote, Promote, Promote.

Each day there seems to be new writers joining the field. They fully might not understand the ropes. The more views an article gets the better. See the buttons on the side of your article, be sure to click on them each time you publish an article. Twitter, Facebook, and Stumble Upon especially are your best friends. Use them that is what they are there for. Also, please do not forget to promote older articles as well. Views are views, and money is money.

Know Your Audience

If you are writing about a popular celeb, or a hit film, go to websites that will feature those subjects more clearly. Each article you write, may have a target age range. For example, teens are more likely to respond to articles about Twilight, than maybe a more mature audience. If teens are your target demographic, go to places like MySpace and Tumblr. If you are writing about early onset menopause, find websites and people that would be beneficial for too. The correct audience is important, and half the battle.

Factoidz is a Community.

This website allows a user to have followers and develop beneficial relationships. Follow as many users as you possible. This will benefit your writing greatly. If you follow them, chances are they will in turn, follow you. Vote up other users articles, and leave comments as well. If a person comes to your page, and leaves you kind gestures try to return those good deeds as well. Do not be afraid, to make yourself available to new writers who might have questions or concerns. People who feel valued and respected, are more likely to help you when it matters.

Embarking on a new path, can be exciting and fun. If you have a clear idea of how to do something than you will be less likely to give up and quit. In these hard economic times, everyone could use a little extra money, and freelance writing is the perfect outlet to accomplish that.

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Well explained and I fully agree with your writing tips. Promoted.

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top 3 success guidelines for freelance writing here. voted up!

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