Boost Your Factoidz Earnings and Traffic
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Boost Your Factoidz Earnings and Traffic

Boost your earnings and traffic on Factoidz with these simple tips.

Boosting your Factoidz earnings and traffic can be much easier than once thought. Listed below, are ways in which you can improve your earnings and traffic through Factoidz.

Content Rich Content

It's not a matter of just steam rolling a list of articles, it's also about including quality content that is factual and full of information that offers the reader something they can learn or better understand.  

With articles that are lengthy, using bullet points, number categories or even bold texted sentences at the beginning of paragraphs to make your content easy to skim through will invite more interest for those who wish to read further. Most readers, if they are invested in what they see in their first two to three second glance, will continue reading what you have written, so breaking up the article with groupings is a great way to catch their attention throughout the bulk of the article.


Many articles benefit from illustrations, even if there are only one or two more images supplied in the body of the article along with the main image beside the heading. Choose images that convey the idea of the paragraph or relevant topic covered. You can always test whether or not it is visually pleasing by previewing your article. And after you publish it, you can always go back and edit it with a new image if it doesn't gain as much traffic as you anticipated. As it also states in the guidelines, choosing a main image that is wider than tall, it keeps the image from stretching out of proportion.

Keywords and Titles

Keep your titles as concise and relevant as possible by using keywords that are relevant to your article. A great way to test whether or not your article will rank high in the search engines, you can do a quick google search with your topic or heading to see what pops up first in the top searches. Once you publish your article, it will create a directory link with the original title so be sure to choose something you will want to keep after. Even after you have published it, you can change the title but often the original directory link will still appear. If you need to, save your article and play with titles until you are happy with what you've chosen. Your earnings and readership will be a proven thumbs up to make the wait worth it.

Be sure also to include your relevant key words in the body of your article that will reflect not only your title, but will rank higher in the search engines for being relevant. For example, if you write on mechanics and engine maintenance, but use other key words that are instead descriptive of employees or financial aspects of a project, it might rank better in finance or employment. Also, try not to be too repetitive with key words either. Depending on your word count and percentage of key word placement, you can see whether or not it is light or heavy on placement.

Highest Earning Categories

Exploring the highest earning categories is a great way to know whether or not the articles you are writing are worth more or less, depending on what you choose to write about. It's best to choose categories and sub-categories that are relevant to your article. If your article pertains more to religion but is categorized instead in Science or Psychology as an effort to boost earnings, it not only can dilute the category with irrelevant content which in turn, will decrease earnings overall, it can create a situation in which your article will reach unintended readership that does not respond as favorably to your content which can cause less positive votes or long term revenue via readership.

On the other hand, if you have information you can provide that is factual in the highest earning categories, go for it! And produce a LOT of it! The more you develop your online presence as being connected to topics of expertise, people and readers will look forward to more content you produce on that topic.

Focus on What You Know Best

The higher you rank in specific categories, the higher your readership will be and overall, the better your articles will place in search engines. This will also reflect on the category leader board as you climb in votes to a position in the top ten. Your articles will also be more likely to place in the top articles listed in those categories. So, even if you're not ranked in the top ten of that category, if your aticle is popular and you are climbing in ranks, it is more likely to appear in the top featured articles for that category which means more views. More views means more residual earnings month to month. And on top of that, the more articles you produce in each given category, you will build a higher rank of earnings. Many of my first articles produced a rank of "low" for earnings but the more content I produced in those categories, that rank went from "low" to "medium". The more I produced and promoted, it went from "medium" to "high" in earnings. Quality, quantity, great SEO and promotion will return high and very high in rank and earnings over time. But you have to be patient and keep building before you will have enough to compare low to high in rank and earnings for yourself. Month to month these statistics can change also so keep the quality content coming and you'll see more consistency in your rankings.

Build Your Library of Content

Those that earn, produce. Simply put. You are not going to earn hundreds every month with only a couple reviews or a few regular articles. The more you produce, the more you will be able to realistically see the trends of what remains popular, what earns you the most, and what you can build on for further earnings. Not all your articles will remain popular, especially in the soup of many authors who are publishing new content frequently. So keep writing and write often. The stronger your presence is in Factoidz, the more likely your articles will reach the top page of categories.

As you produce more content, your profile will show your growth and the most relevant and highest earnings articles will appear on your profile page, along with your accolades and top ten placement of categories.

Product Reviews and Comparison Reports

Good ol' product reviews and comparison reports will earn you large activity bonuses along with long term good revenue earnings. Over time, mixed with regular articles you've generated, you will see how your time has been wisely spent by taking the time to write each report. For me, most comparison reports I've written have taken me anywhere from 4-6 hours including research time. From the outside in, it may seem like a lot of time invested for a $15 or $20 payoff but in the long run with a very high SEO rank and very high or high earnings, they become like little gold nuggets in the bank. I have found the best earnings come with a mix of both traditional content mixed with reviews and comparison reports.

Now, Factoidz has also been offering a section in which you can choose from a large list of product reviews already in the system to choose for a comparison report of your own that you can receive high earnings from too. So, if you choose to produce singular product reviews that you can later use as a comparison report than you are earning from both angles.

Social Media

Yup. Using social media tools for cross promotion is a really effective way to boost your earnings not only through readership, but also to attract future affiliates. Factoidz has a great affiliate program in which you receive bonuses for every affiliate you incorporate into Factoidz through your own profile. Once that affiliate reaches a certain milestone, Factoidz pays you the bonus. it is encouraging for new authors and also for those who are looking to build higher earnings through those authors.

Popular social media sites that allow embedded links for advertising are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace and many, many others. Another great way to network is to connect with other social networking sites that are categorically focused or interest based which means, some social networks focus on humanitarianism, music or sports or even politics. Factoidz writers who sign up for these types of sites can boost their earnings for promoting articles that are related to the popular topics of the site.

Another great way to use social media is through radio. Using an area of expertise that can not only be written about but broadcast about is a great way to cross promote where links to written content or websites can be embedded in broadcast introductions or write ups and can be promoted on the air.

Forums and Questions

Participating in forums and questions posted in each particular category is a great way to connect with other authors and share your knowledge or expertise. Posing questions can also create a discussion that leads to new topics to write about. It shows involvement and creativity.

Support Other Authors

We all make the effort to produce high quality content that is error free and relevant to the topic and category we're posting in. And taking the time to vote up other author's content or write a comment based on what you've read encourages more interaction and offers sincere feedback. It encourages more partnership among the Factoidz team and helps to maintain a great working environment. And the best part, is the more votes you also receive, the higher you rank which returns higher earnings on activity bonuses and residual readership.

Bookmark Your Articles

Bookmarking encourages stronger search engine placement and reminds us to revisit our most popular articles in the event we are inclined to update any content or add to it, especially for back-link placement.


Once you have a grouping of articles that are relevant to each other, creating back-links to your other articles is a great way to direct traffic through the web of content pertaining to a topic or subject that you've written on. It improves readership especially for older articles that may fall out of the traffic bubble. Highlighting key words or small phrases works best, rather than highlighting entire sentences that will only rank poorly in SEO and bring down earnings or relevancy.

Spelling and Grammar

Keep your content clean. Check always for correct grammar and spelling before publishing your articles and if you are in question of your content, have a second or third person proof read it. Editing and refining your material will only contribute to higher earnings and long term readership.

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Comments (16)

It has been a slow go on this site, but I am encouraged by the strong support and viewership I have been getting. Your article is inspiring and helpful. I've made a goal of mine to comment on at-least 15 to 20 articles per day and start writing more. Voted up.

Hi Chris, thank you for commenting! Yes, keep going! What I forgot to write in the article but should have, is putting together short term goals that can reflect a projected earnings potential. I've been doing that too and it helps with ideas and energy invested towards writing. Keep going and the more you build a body of work, the more you'll earn. I've done okay in a year being here. But now that earnings are much higher for bonuses and all sorts of things, it's even more inspiring to keep going.

I am pleasantly surprised by the article bonus I have gotten so far. To bad that I spent to much time on another site that barely paid.

Very inspiring indeed and well-composed.

Helpful tips. thanks.

Wonderful Debbie. Voted up. You have opened my eyes to write better. Really very informative. Thanks a lot. Thank you also for your affectionate support here and for votes.

This is a really excellent guide for those just starting out as a web content writer. A really excellent presentation, Debbie.


@Chris, I hear ya. I was writing for Triond for the same amount of time producing similar content and I think I made like a dollar, lol. I was writing also for HubPages and had about the same experience through the google ad program. And then I came across which actually pays pretty well. $5 per 1000 views although they don't give you an activity bonus for content published. This site so far seems to be the best compared to others that I personally have tried, aside from actually selling articles outright to magazines and such.

Thank you Ron, Yovita and Paulose! I am glad to be of help.

Thank you Jerry, any tips I can offer to new authors I am happy to do it. I appreciate all the support you've given me in the short time I've been here.

Hi Jessie, thank you for the vote! I appreciate the support :)

Yes, I have tried writing for other companies, but I was bothered by the small pay and the fact that they took credit for my hard work even posing as an article they wrote.

Impressive tips, Debbie!

Thank you Stacy :)

Thankyou for the nice writeup. Correct title and placement of keywords of articles within your body can make a huge difference. Also, make sure your article is above 600 words. The search engines love them. Make more friends in Factoidz. This helps others when you cast votes in favour of them(Cast a vote only if you think their article is worth the vote, not just because they are your friend). Doing this, you not only help others but help yourself by getting ideas for next articles. Instead of being so conservative, you can link to someone else's article that is relevant to your content, and tell them about it. This way, you make sure that you make a friend and get a link in exchange(Most people will link back to you). This is one of the strongest ways to increase your article's SEO.