Boost Your Factoidz Earnings and Traffic Part 3
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Boost Your Factoidz Earnings and Traffic Part 3

Boost earnings and traffic on Factoidz by better understanding the tracking features of your published articles.

As we covered other topics in our previous two articles on boosting your Factoidz earnings in our part 1 and part 2 articles, in this article I want to focus specifically on your SEO ranks, payout and residual earnings.

Ranking LOW to VERY HIGH

This article targets all of us here on Factoidz whether you've been publishing content for just a few months or you've been here for a couple of years. Me, I've been publishing content on Factoidz for just slightly longer than one year. In that time, what I have noticed most is that ranks and earnings fluctuate month to month which at first for newbies, this can be distressing. Here's what to expect.

Frequently you will want to click to view "My Factoidz". This will give you a full list of your entire library of articles you've published including product review and comparison reports.

From left to right this is what you will see:

  • Title
  • Views Today
  • Views All Time
  • SEO Rank
  • Payout Rate
  • Earnings This Month
  • Uptrenders This Month
  • Earnings Last Month
  • Earnings Annualized
  • Promote On

Here is a breakdown

Your titles will often appear out of order from the chronological order in which you wrote them. They are not displayed based on a consecutive timeline of when you wrote them. Often, they are featured based on several criteria of ranking and earnings. So don't be dismayed if your articles appear out of order. Many titles or articles that have the lowest ranks on both SEO and earnings will appear at the bottom of the list of your published content. Newly published articles will often appear at the bottom of the list until they have time to work their way into the system.

Drafts that you have saved will not appear here. They will appear on your Dashboard under drafts.

Your views today will show you an updated count of how many views you've had so far today. This tally is often a bit behind from the Dashboard version which updates about every 8 hours or so. Your Dashboard will reflect your most current numbers if you're trying to assess views for the day along with what your most popular articles for the day has been. Using a quick glance at the entire list of your articles and the views they've received, this will give you a great idea as to what you wrote that is most popular. Stick to that. If you find you have received 500 views for an article you published two days ago but only 200 views on an article you published a month ago, continue on the path of the type of content you published that had the most views.

So, with your Views All Time you can assess what has worked for you and what hasn't. You need to have at least a good 6-12 months into the Factoidz site, producing content monthly to see a realistic comparison. Many people quit too soon before they can compare their earnings and ranks realistically.

Your SEO Rank is hugely important. This goes based on your keywords, precision and practicality of your title along with how your keywords reflect in the body of your article. Your earnings will definitely reflect the SEO Rank of your content. Your titles can be changed if you feel the original one is ineffective but remember, in the root directory, your original title will remain as part of your link.

Overall, the more articles you produce that have a High or Very High SEO Rank WILL earn you more residual revenue. This will also provide the scale in which your articles are graded for activity bonuses when you publish new content. The lower your SEO Rank, the less you will earn in activity bonuses.

Your Payout Rate will show you what your content is worth on a scale from low to very high when it comes to residual earnings. As you produce content that is grouped, you will be able to see if all those articles grouped earn good or great for you. If they earn great, keep producing to keep your earnings high.

Your Earnings This Month are kept up to date frequently so that you can see which articles are producing the highest residual earnings. Those highlighted in green are producing the best and are growing, which is where the next category comes in. With your Uptrends This Month, you will be able to see in percentages, which of your articles have had the highest growth for the month. You will begin to see which type of topics are most popular. Build on that. You want your topics and articles to be current and popular, regardless of how long ago you wrote it so a good tip to remember is be careful not to limit your content to a particular year of trends such as the best hair styles for 2012. That will  go "out of style" pretty quickly and your chances of earnings better residual earnings will decrease.

Your Earnings Last Month show you how your residual earnings compare month to month. You can take note and see which ones perform best. Those that do, keep that in mind and once every few weeks, post the link to that article on social media sites again. It will keep the content current along with readership and those who didn't read it before might be inclined to the next time you promote it.

Your Earnings Annualized will show you what the projected earnings scale will be for the entire year if your article performs consistently month to month. This of course is just a projection. Your earnings will always have potential to do even better than that.

Your Promote On section allows you a short cut way to promote your article on many popular social networking sites right from the panel of your Factoidz articles. This saves on time invested and you will be able to see what types of networks are most popular to promote on.

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Comments (6)

Excellent details. Voted up. Thank you dear Debbie.

My views have been up and down. However, more than 50 % have very high seo rankings. Which is why I continue to write in the same genre. Excellent work. I am out of votes so I will tweet this.

Thank you Paulose :)

Thanks a bunch Chris. I know what you mean and yes, it's definitely worth sticking with it!

Thanks a ton for this wonderful article.

You're welcome Nutan and thank you for your support.