Beyond Google Ad Sense
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Beyond Google Ad Sense

Alternatives to Google AdSense

 Beyond AdSense is easy way

As many of us being publishers, we earn a few or more dollars by getting associated with some of the famous or popular ad publishing networks such as Google AdSense. We are well aware of some of the popular and publisher-friendly ad publishing programs that facilitate the publisher to have most relevant and money-generating ads on their websites or blogs or web pages. However, most of us are not aware that there are dozens, scores or even hundreds of other, similar and even more highly rewarding and easy-to-use and  more customizable ad networks. I will introduce you to some of them:

  1. 24/7Realmedia
  2. Accelerator-Media
  3. Acerno
  4. AdChap
  5. AdSolutionsNetwork
  6. Ad4Game
  7. AdAgency1
  8. AdBlade
  9. AdBonus
  10. AdBrite
  11. AdChina
  12. Adconion
  13. AdEngage
  14. AdForce
  16. Adhunk
  17. Adify
  18. AdJug
  19. AdKnowledge
  20. Adlantic
  21. AdLink
  22. Admax
  23. AdOnNetwork
  24. AdOrigin
  25. Adotomy
  26. AdParlor
  27. AdPepper
  28. AdPhilia
  29. Adpinion
  30. AdReactor
  31. AdRight
  33. AdScale
  34. ADSDAQ
  35. AdSmart
  36. Adster
  38. BannerConnect
  39. BannerSpace
  40. BClick
  41. Bidvertiser
  43. BlackLabelAds
  44. BlinkAccess
  45. BlogAds
  46. BlogKits
  47. BurstMedia
  48. buyat
  49. CasaleMedia
  50. CBprosense
  51. Chitika
  52. Claxon
  53. Click2Sell
  54. ClickBank
  55. Clickbooth
  56. Clickhype
  57. clickXchange
  58. clixGalore
  59. CommissionJunction
  60. CommissionMonster
  61. CopernicMedia
  62. CoverClicks
  63. CPXInteractive
  64. CrispAds
  65. CyberBounty
  66. DarkBlue
  67. DragonMediaOnline
  68. easyAd
  69. eClickZ
  70. Enikos
  71. eTypeEurope
  72. eTypeUSA
  73. exoClick
  74. FairAdsNetwork
  75. FederatedMedia
  76. FindItQuick
  77. FineClicks
  78. FluxAds
  79. GorillaNation
  80. HerAgency
  81. HispanoClick
  82. Hyperbidder
  83. IncentaClick
  84. IndustryBrains
  85. Integri
  86. InterClick
  87. Interevco
  88. JoeTec
  89. Kanoodle
  90. KitaraMedia
  91. Komli
  92. Kontera
  93. LinkBliss
  94. LinkWorth
  95. MaxBounty
  96. MicrosoftadCenter
  97. Mirago
  98. MIVA
  99. MochiAds
  100. MoreNiche
  101. NeverblueAds
  102. Nixxie
  103. Nuffnang
  104. OneMonkey
  105. Opt-Media
  106. Oridian
  107. Oxado
  108. PayDotCom
  109. PayPopUp
  110. PerformancingAds
  111. Pheedo
  112. Phorm
  113. PointRoll
  114. PopUpTraffic
  115. PremiumNetwork
  116. PrimaryAds
  117. ProjectWonderful
  118. PubMatic
  119. Pulse360
  120. QuigoAdSonar
  121. QuinStreet
  122. RealCastMedia
  123. RealTechNetwork
  124. RevenueScience
  126. ReviewMe
  127. RightMediaExchange
  128. RobertShermanCompany
  129. ROIRocket
  130. ScribeFire
  131. Searchfeed
  132. Shareasale
  133. SponsoredReviews
  134. TextLinkAds
  135. TextWise
  136. TNX.Net
  137. TradeDoubler
  138. TrafficMarketplace
  139. TremorMedia
  140. TribalFusion
  141. TTZMedia
  142. ValidClick
  143. ValueAd
  144. ValueClickMedia
  145. VibrantMediaSmartAds
  146. VizuPolls
  147. WebSponsors
  148. WhenU
  149. WidgetBucks
  150. YahooPublisherNetwork
  151. YesAdvertising

All you are required to do is search for the website of the ad network name, and get yourself registered on that network as per the "terms and conditions" of that ad network. Begin displaying ads from that ad network on your website or webpage or blog for free, and begin earning extra income immediately. Though I do not suggest you to get registered with all the above ad networks, you can check them out and choose a few among the above list and then get started. This is a simpler and better way of earning some extra income. However, if you are thinking of earning core income using the ad networks, all you need to do is keep on creating new and informative blogs, websites and pages and get registered to as many ad networks as possible and then start displaying their ads on your sites or blogs.

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Comments (13)

Good afternoon Ram. I would like to make a suggestion, it would improve the quality of this Factoid if you had converted your simple text list into a list of links for your reader to click on. Granted it would have taken longer to convert the 191 site names into links but it would be time well spent because it the little things that get you the votes, the page views and the followers here on Factoidz.Com and on most online sites. I would like to think that we are all here to help one another and it's in that spirit that I made this suggestion. Welcome to Factoidz.Com, Ram.

Dear Jerry, Very Good Afternoon. I strongly agree with you regarding the hyperlinking of the complete text list of Google Ad Sense alternatives given in this factoid of mine. However, i have missed that to do in my initial submission. As suggested by you, i am very much willing to do the hyper linking for all 191 sites. Can you feel free to suggest a way to edit this content as i understand only Level 5 or above level members are eligible for editing. Please guide me to do the editing at this point of time. However, I thank you honestly for your kind suggestion, comment and guidance. I have taken your comment or suggestion in most constructive thinking so as we should all get benefited by being on Looking forward for your guidance and extended support.

Howdy Ram. You can't edit the factoid you have already posted because of your level but what you can do is write another articles and call it something like "An update on 'Beyond Google AdSense.'" You may want to open the "update" with an opening paragraph stating why you are writing the update so that Mike and his staff don't think that you are submitting the same piece again using a slightly modified title. I'm here to help, Ram, feel free to contact me with any questions that you may have.

Thanks Jerry for your valuable suggestion.

great list thanks

Great list Ram. I'm already signed up with several of these sites but this list makes it much easier to expand my affiliations. Thanks.

Dear Jerry, Thanks for your comment

great article! very timely :-)

Great suff you have on this subject. Thanks Darrell

great article! i actually just signed up for adsense, but am not at all pleased with the limited options. which ad network have you found to be the best?

I have tried many of those ad publishing network and I believe that Google Adsense is the best of all (haven't tried Yahoo ads because they are not supported in my country yet)

padmapriya k

ID NO Super 1353 i want to register now for doing work

I\'ve been using this list for a while now, but yours is far more comprehensive! Some of the sites you listed are no longer working, like BlackLabelAds and AdKnowledge.