What is Google Analytics?
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What is Google Analytics?

What is google analytics and how you can use this tool to understand your traffic.

Google Analytics is a very useful tool to analyze your web traffic. You can gain very important insights on how your blogs and/or website perform based on your tweaks like varying keyword density, changing keywords, managing your inbound and outbound links, enriching content, among others. In the analytics, you can easily see and analyze your data through time with its easy-to-use features. It provides a time series analysis of your website traffic providing you data to ponder about.

How do you access Google Analytics?

Accessing Google Analytics is easy and free. The service offers it free to its customers to enable them to attract more traffic to their sites thus turn visitors into customers while finding the information they need in your content. Since the advertisements that go with your content are contextual, visitors will most likely click your ads… hence you gain a share of the revenue from the ads. Earning is proportional to the number of visitors to your site. Roughly 74 page impressions correspond to an ad click. So increased page views means increased income. The analytics provides ideas on the page views and clicks so you can monitor your progress and understand how your visitors behave using the data provided.

Analytics Intelligence

Google Analytics has an intelligence feature that monitors reports on your data. Analytics intelligence automatically provides you with information regarding changes in your data patterns.

Visitor Profile

Google Analytics provides you useful information about your visitors. You can view where your visitor comes from using its map overlay feature, which nationality views your webpage and what languages they use in viewing your blog.You can even count the average number of pages viewed by your visitors.

Also, the visitor profile provides you information how many of your visitors returned to view your content. If you have repeat visitors, this means that your site provides useful information to them that make them return and see what’s in the other pages. Periodic updates of your content will encourage them to keep on visiting your site.

Traffic Sources

Using Google Analytics, you will get to identify what your traffic sources are; whether those traffic are coming from search engines, referrals or direct traffic (such as old visitors entering your site’s name). What you must improve on, of course, is on the traffic provided by search engines, which can be sustained for a long time giving you a continuous flow of income.

Content Information

If you created a website and have incorporated the tracking code of Google Analytics in it, you can identify which content in your website performs well. Finding out the most frequently visited content provides you with an opportunity to put in more ads or improve on ad placement, or color combination in that page to increase the possibility of clicks. The content information portion also tells you which is the most frequent landing and exit sites. You can view the keywords in these well-performing pages and compare with the other pages that seem not to work thus make some improvements to increase traffic exposure.

There are other information that Google Analytics can provide to the blogger and the website enthusiast. It will just be a matter of minutes to join the free service. Gaining feedback from data in the form of statistics and graphs are worth your time and help you optimize and increase your page rank, which also means more traffic as well as more income.

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Comments (5)

Thanks for sharing this guide. Very helpful.

Excellent overview, I use it on all my blogs

Thanks for explaining this.

I signed up for google analytics but could not install it, I am a complete technophobe and found it totally incomprehensible, so unfortunately I have no idea how my websites are doing . A pity because it is a great tool.

Sorry to hear that DeeBee. I was able to avail of Google Analytics when I joined Google Adsense to feature ads in my website.