A Review of Gremln a Product to Promote Your Factoidz Articles on Twitter
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A Review of Gremln a Product to Promote Your Factoidz Articles on Twitter

Gremln is a product that used to be called Twaitter. Gremlin offers various levels of their product including a free level. Gremln is currently offering a free 30 day trial of all of their paid services. Gremln is a great site to schedule tweets on Twitter in advance. Gremln is great tool for your Factoidz article promotion.

Gremlin used to be called Twaitter.  Now that it has migrated to its new name, it is a reliable tool that can be used to promote your online Factoidz articles.  You will find it easy to navigate, and packed with features such as:

  • A dashboard that is customizable to allow you to display up to 8 different panels and has a look that is similar to Hootsuite.
  • There is a message center where you can view existing messages, edit, and schedule new messages.
  • Nice reports and statistics that you can view about your tweets on Twitter and your other social networks.
  • A calendar that shows you at a glance how your tweets are scheduled throughout the day.
  • You can set goals for your different social networks.  For instance if you are trying to increase your followers on Twitter, you can set up a goal and then view your goal to see how you are doing.

I thought that the site was easy to learn how to use.  I especially like how easy it is to schedule your tweets.  You can either schedule directly from your dashboard, or on the calendar.  I like scheduling them on the calendar because you can see exactly what is already scheduled. 

The different price plans will determine how many tweets per hour you can schedule with Gremln.  The free program will allow you to schedule 5 recurring messages per hour.  That's 120 tweets that are sent randomly throughout the day.  You can set your recurring messages to once a day, once a week, once a month, or once a year.  You can easily set them for whatever time of day you want. I think that this is one of the easiest programs I have used as far as scheduling goes.

The free plan is also the most limiting plan.  Here are the features you'll be able to use:

  1. You can have 5 social network accounts.
  2. The dashboard
  3. Schedule 5 messages an hour
  4. Edit and copy your messages
  5. Translate your messages into different languages
  6. Setup one goal
  7. A Read Only Calendar
  8. Set up 2 RSS feeds, have basic analytics for your social networks, url shortening, one report, and bit.ly

That's quite a bit in a free product.  The paid products start at $6.00 a month and is called the Plus Plan.  Next in line is the Small Business Plan and this is where the price really starts to jump.  This plan costs $59 a month.  There is one more plan that is called the Premium plan and costs $500 per month.

Personally, if I were going to purchase a plan it would be the $6.00 plan.  You get five more tweets per hour than the free plan for a total of 10 tweets per hour.  This is currently the plan I'm using.  I'm using the the trial so right now it's free, but I'll need to decide soon whether I'm going to continue with this plan or stick to the free plan. 

It's a nice product, and if you use the free features in conjunction with other free programs that are found on the web it will help you with scheduling tweets and promoting your Factoidz articles.  How can you go wrong?  Give Gremlin a try and let me know what you think.

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Comments (13)

Great review. I am finally getting the hang of Gremln and they are finally working out the bugs. At first it was very confusing.

Sounds worthy of a trial. Would most like check it out. Good work here.

So many things to do!

THANK YOU! I have been trying to get this Gremln under my belt but haven't had the time or the willingness to endure the frustration.

Thank you. I will set up an account. Voted up. Goodnight

Impressive and interesting review. Well done

I needed to know this! I used Twaitter in the past but quit when it was having too many technical problems. I'll check this out, thanks.

I've heard of this site but have yet to try it. Sounds great; I will start using it soon. Thanks for the info! Voted.

Thanks for the information. This might be helpful when I have more Twitter followers. I'm working on that. Right now I only have 22, not very helpful. Buzzing up.

Sounds interesting. I will check it out.

Thanks for the info.

A very nice service indeed, voted up, a very good review.

have you seen your page views go up substantially since using this plan?